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A Translucent ultra-premium tequila, smooth, double distilled, artisan-crafted and made from 100% estate- grown Blue Weber Agave in the Highlands of Jalisco, México. Its notes of sweet agave nectar and volcanic soil are heightened through minimal distillation in copper stills, a unique artisan method giving it a velvety, crisp finish.


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A vibrant tequila, golden in color, artisan-crafted and rested in charred white oak barrels for a minimum of six months. Wansas’s Reposado’s color and smooth taste come from naturally absorbing the characteristics of the barrels during this resting time.

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A limited batch of Wansas artisan tequila aged for 18 months in charred white oak barrels. This amazing añejo tequila’s flavor, aroma and color come naturally from the characteristics of the charred oak.